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Chris Lin – He is Not just the Founder but also the product designer of Flip Wallet.
He is a mechanical engineer by education, but an entrepreneur at heart.
Although his time as an undergraduate was spent focusing on getting a degree, he always found time to work on the various prototypes of designs including the flip wallet.
He recently graduated from the University of Delaware and was the winner of a Hen Hatch pitch competition, now he is in the process of launching his first product.
For Chris creating products for his own design firm isn’t just a dream but a passion.
We discuss the journey for him becoming an entrepreneur upon graduation to building his startup.
What contributes to his success
What hs been his challenges.
How he found his testers for the flip wallet.
Discussion on his product, could not discuss cost of goods and services but importance of negotiating cost per unit up front negotiate price after tooling not a sticker but your mark logo is in the tool
Outsourcing manufacturing internationally: use Skype for international discussions – find a virtual assistant internationally for better communication – use text so helps with loss of translation. For international mailing use an upfront signed contract with DHL.
Testing product; prototype – patent; Logo design; website development; Advisory Board; attorney and accountant
Minimal design: “Minimal design could be defined as using less to do more. But it’s time we start pushing the envelope, and using more to do more.”
Reach application and how to apply your philosophy to your startup and products that you development –
Quotes: Life entrepreneurship “I’m always looking for advice! I’m a little fish in a big pond, as they say.” Chris Lin in his blog post says “having your back against the wall never hurts.”
Anyone saying don’t do this or get a job working for someone else – advisors mentors accountants lawyers parents
For our next interview show Jay Mootz Dean of the McGeorge Law School University of Pacific in Sacramento CA.

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